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I was very fortunate to have grown up in a small town in Switzerland where coincidentally one of the first yoga studios in Europe opened up. I’ve been practicing since I was 14, for 72.5% of my life (you do the math) and teaching for over 10 years. More passionately that ever and gifted with the unique skill to take students to their next level, improving alignment and form, creating a flow which translates into joy and takes the mind to a resting place within.

I trained in the Anusara style with teachers such as Lois Nesbitt, John Seelye, Todd Norian, and John Friend. I’m well versed in tantric philosophy, meditation and pranayama.

As one of the foremost certified Hatha Yoga instructors in the Hamptons, my focus is on alignment, breath and the language of the heart. As a teacher I intend to awaken, facilitate and radiate the experience of your own inner Self through yoga. And as a person I like to share my knowledge, my smile, and my goodness.

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What others are saying…

Monica, Thanks again for a wonderful class. I had so much fun. You have a way about you that made for a playful, yet challenging class.Erin
I wanted to thank you for a great class yesterday. A beautiful combination of yoga philosophy/spirituality, humor, a strong and balanced asana practice, expertly guided by you! Namaste
Thank you for all the healing classes. They have been truly grounding and so special to us. You have a very special gift, and clearly have touched many people. We feel very honored to know you and have had you guidance these past months. We look forward to seeing you “on the mat” in the New Year!
Daniella & Ellen
You are such a joy and shine so bright! Thank you for sharing your gift of yourself with us!
It is difficult to be cited for excellence in a field of overwhelming excellence, which is the yoga teaching, but Monica certainly has to be called up front. She is a superb teacher, and outstanding her field. Above all, I love the way Monica continuously links the physical part of yoga with the mind and spirit of the practitioner. Perhaps even more rare and wonderful for me is the fact that she challenges us in her classes, but she never makes anyone feel inferior, or competitive. A practitioner in her group always feels personally understood, encouraged, appreciated, and treasured. That’s a rare quality in anyone, and it makes Monica an outstandingly excellent yoga teacher. She encourages us to move ahead, to overcome, to thrive, and she moves us to the edge, without ever letting anyone fall over the cliff. As a gang-ho downhill skier, I consider that teacher talent to be the excellence of a new and higher standard.
I wanted to thank you for a great class yesterday. A beautiful combination of yoga philosophy/spirituality, humor, a strong and balanced asana practice, expertly guided by you! NamasteKate
Monica, thanks for a great early morning class. I was in poses that I’ve never done before and it got me thinking about what a wonderful journey I’m on. Your music selection and direction was very soothing. Can’t wait for the next one.
I’m making a point of scheduling a private yoga session with Monica every time I arrive in the Hamptons, because it helps me to let go of the demands of city life and settle into relaxation. Whenever I can, I take another lesson before leaving the Hamptons, because that helps me transition back into the city. Thanks to private yoga with Monica I get so much more out of my weekends in the Hamptons.Adele
Monica- It was delightful to see you and be in your yoga class. Your energy is sweet, supportive, welcoming and spiritual, embodying the practice. Thank you! Sarah