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monica kadash doula & prenatal yoga instructor

A caring & sensitive doula providing continuous,
loving support before, during & after the birth of your child. Serving the East End of Long Island.
Private & Confidential.

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About Monica von Känel, CD(DONA)*

Monica KadashHELLO! Are you excited because you just found out you’re pregnant? Or are you well into your pregnancy and wondering how you’re going to get this baby out? Whether you’re mostly excited – or mostly terrified – or both; you may also have a sense that with the addition of continuous, loving support your experience will be gratifying, easeful, beautiful and even ecstatic because you’re assured to have protection, advocacy and are accompanied by someone (me) who will bring out the best in you! I consider myself very fortunate to be part of your most important day, because I get to contribute to your joy! My role in your birthing experience is sacred to me and I take the utmost care in giving each of you my very best, authentic care and attention.

I am glad you’re reading this, because it means you feel deeply about how you birth your baby. It indicates your desire to be in a loving, protected and genuine environment while you give birth. It shows your willingness to advocate for yourself and your baby. It reflects your aspiration in asking for help in creating the birth you desire. I’m here to make all this possible by teaching you how to navigate emotions like fear and trepidation and to maximize and harness your natural strengths: joy and excitement. By showing you what to avoid and what to go for! By giving you tools on how to make your mind your friend, and most certainly by making you as comfortable, safe, encouraged, empowered and confident as possible. [Read more]


Prenatal Yoga is a wonderful and effective way to prepare for a better birth. By building mental and physical flexibility and strength and by accessing the nurturing, caring, loving, all-embracing qualities of our heart, we are able to bring life into the world in the most ease-full, natural, remarkable and rewarding ways.

Private classes: Available anytime in the comfort of your own home.

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Monica von Känel – The Hampton Doula

Serving Long Island’s East End
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