dou·la [doo-luh] noun. A woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who may provide support to the family after the baby is born.


Are you excited because you just found out you’re pregnant? Or are you well into your pregnancy and wondering how you’re going to get this baby out? Whether you’re mostly excited – or mostly terrified – or both; you may also have a sense that with the addition of continuous, loving support your experience will be gratifying, easeful, beautiful and even ecstatic because you’re assured to have protection, advocacy and are accompanied by someone (me) who will bring out the best in you! I consider myself very fortunate to be part of your most important day, because I get to contribute to your joy! My role in your birthing experience is sacred to me and I take the utmost care in giving each of you my very best, authentic care and attention.

I am glad you’re reading this, because it means you feel deeply about how you birth your baby. It indicates your desire to be in a loving, protected and genuine environment while you give birth. It shows your willingness to advocate for yourself and your baby. It reflects your aspiration in asking for help in creating the birth you desire. I’m here to make all this possible by teaching you how to navigate emotions like fear and trepidation and to maximize and harness your natural strengths: joy and excitement. By showing you what to avoid and what to go for! By giving you tools on how to make your mind your friend, and most certainly by making you as comfortable, safe, encouraged, empowered and confident as possible.

Statistically, with the help of Doulas there are less interventions, fewer C-section, shorter labor and reduced post partum depression. This results in a fulfilling and satisfying birthing experiences, in short, many more happy moms!

I was born and raised in Switzerland: hence I’m a Doula with an accent! Which not only refers to the way I speak; it also means “a special touch!” A sense of simple elegance that stems from “old world” tradition, combined with a fresh, young and innovative spirit that represents the world I live in now.

I was a rather serious child, but I began to lighten up when I started taking yoga classes at the age of 14. My continuous practice has given me comfort and a feeling of being truly alive and has been a supporting pillar ever since. I’ve been teaching yoga for many years now and when I became a Doula, I added classes in my “specialty field”, prenatal yoga at Ananda Wellness Center in Southampton.

My father and mother owned a store in which they sold herbs, supplements, remedies and other products for your wellbeing. Although I didn’t choose to follow in their footsteps, I still apprenticed in that profession for four years and I am, to this day, drawing from the knowledge I acquired then.

It is very interesting how all the things I did and studied have led, contributed and built a cornerstone to what it means to be a great Doula. My meditation practice has been essential, because it allows me to meet you in your laboring state, while being completely present and alert to the events unfolding in labor. The fact that I was passionate about my own three births: the research, advocacy and high ideals I held for myself, allows me to now bring out the best in you as well. My interest in healthy living, coupled with conscious and mindful use of our resources sets a good example and may inspire you to start your family in the same way. I’ve always held a special interest in studying the workings of our minds and personalities and have spent years refining my understanding in the field of archetypal psychology….which I now use when helping you prepare for your birth.

I now look back onto my journey with satisfaction. It is my desire to guide your journey so you emerge as a confident mother who knows her worth, her strength and passes that on to her children.

I took my Doula training in New York City with Dona International* in 2011. I’ve helped create wonderful birthing experiences, in different capacities, for well over 100 women. I have been honored to be the birth Doula to over 40 women over the past 5 years. I am as passionate about your birth as I was about mine. I am committed to serving you with knowledge, wisdom, kindness, compassion, humor and professionalism, in my most authentic and genuine way. This allows you the freedom to be YOUR best and most beautiful SELF.


With over 7000 birth and postpartum doula members and growing, DONA International is the largest doula association in the world. They support doulas by providing quality training and meaningful certification and serve mothers and families by providing access to information and research about doulas, childbirth and the postpartum experience. DONA International certification sets the bar for doula education and professional development. It indicates to families that a doula has achieved a high level of training and professionalism.

My mission is to honor, protect and guide you, so that you feel empowered to birth fearlessly and joyfully, thus starting your journey into motherhood with confidence. My desire is to raise your awareness within the birthing process so as to honor the profundity of the event of birth and the first moments of life. This enriches the connection, bonding and shared memory of a lifetime between you, your partner and your child. My intention is to educate you about labor and birth so you can make informed decisions for yourself and foster what I call “the vertical connection”: the relationship to your own inner guidance system allowing you to use that as a source of strength and self assurance, while considering the advice of medical professionals. My dedication to you is to be there for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as adding that extra touch of Grace. My wish is for you to have a wonderful, fulfilling birthing experience that will then spill over into your everyday experiences of motherhood.
I believe we’re always at the beginning of something even greater, that there are no limits in how high we can go or how far we can reach as human beings. Birth is such an extraordinary and rare opportunity to redefine who we are and to live life in greater light. Start with your birth! Embolden your birth, and add a touch of Grace!
Happy Birthday!