prenatal education

You embarking on a wonderful journey and I’d like to help navigate the pre-birth period. Let me put your mind at ease so you can give birth full of confidence, feeling strong, empowered and ready to have the time of your life.

  • I offer individual or group sessions where you can ask your questions, share your excitement, hopes & feelings.
  • I educate you about the birthing process & possible interventions so you will be able to make informed decisions.
  • Together we will be preparing your individual birth plan and formulating your intentions.
  • I teach prenatal yoga, breathing and meditation to prepare your mind and body for the events to come.
  • I will assist you in optimizing your nutrition, ensuring yours and your baby’s health.

Monica von Känel – The Hampton Doula

Serving Long Island’s East End
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What are others are saying...
You have such amazing powers to see so very much on such an elevated level of consciousness. Your power to observe, interpret and explain is so perfect… and instrumental to the groups ability to comprehend clearly!! Whatever you are looking for is going to burst forth in a very dramatic and clear fashion. You will see it when it presents itself. The light is shining! Onward… and upward indeed!Anders
I’m so glad we met you, we were warmed by your light. You are an agent of soft power.Phil & Sue
Monica, remarkable, intuitive, her yoga trained words go straight into you, aligned and deep. Monica, gracious doula, she opens her heart and guides the start for lucky boys and girls. James W.