prenatal yoga

All levels welcome
  • Prenatal yoga is gentle yoga designed around the special needs of each mom to be.
  • It eases common discomforts of pregnancy such as back aches, acid reflux and poor circulation.
  • It calms the mind and may lower high blood pressure.
  • It leaves you feeling poised, relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Focus on breathing, alignment and openness of the heart along with improvement of muscle tone and flexibility is the ideal preparation for labor and childbirth.

Monica Kadash – The Hampton Doula

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What are others are saying...
Prenatal yoga with Monica has not only been uplifting to my body, but to my mind as well. Her vast knowledge of the pregnant woman has been instrumental in keeping me balanced, fit and informed. After the first session I was hooked. Thank you Monica, you made my pregnancy easier, and I’m looking forward to the birth of my son!Emilia
I found Monica to be very helpful in preparing me mentally and physically for the birth of my baby. Her pre-natal yoga classes were great and she always tailored them to each mom’s special needs. I would leave feeling soft yet strong, relaxed yet alert. She also lent me many books and videos to help prepare me for labor. She assuaged any fears and helped me understand the stages of birth. I’m so glad we’ve had this time together.Ashley