There is so much I want to say… I almost don’t know how to express how instrumental Monica was in helping me achieve a fearless birth and ultimately the birth of my dreams. When I met her on a cold February night in Starbucks, I was scared, I was nervous, I was lost. Overtime she helped me “untangle” my emotions so I could enter into my daughters birth with clarity, strength, and most importantly, courage. Halfway through my pregnancy I decided to have a home birth, and she was my biggest supporter. Monica is knowledgable, and wise, but most importantly, she is genuine. I really felt like I made a friend who cared about me and my birth plan. I was excited to go into labor, not scared, because I knew Monica would be there to support me, no matter what happened. On the night of my daughter’s birth, many of her techniques guided me though the intense parts of labor, she has some great ways to ease the pain! I can’t say enough awesome things about this wonderful woman, I feel so blessed to have met her and am so fortunate that she came on the journey with me and my baby. If you think you can give birth without the support of a doula, think again! Her wisdom, experience, and unwavering support got me through some difficult times during my pregnancy. I most certainly couldn’t have had the birth of my dreams without her. I love you Monica!Emily
Now that I’ve been on the journey through labor land, there’s no place I wouldn’t go with Monica. Her support was constant, her heart unflinching and her resolve firm. She was watching over me the whole time and attending to my every need. Her presence felt reassuring and comforting, her touch perfect, her smile eased the intensity and her love was tangible. I felt so taken care of, nourished and supported and sincerely wish every woman could experience her birth in such a positive and powerful way.Monika
The transformation that a woman experiences when becoming a mother feels infinite. I use the word infinite because it is as if your heart and body knows no bounds, only love, infinite love. This transformation is marked by the physical experience of childbirth. Try as you might to imagine being in labor and bringing life into the world, nothing can really prepare you for the intense physical and emotional changes you will encounter. It is a mystery–the mystery of life. I was so happy to have Monica with me as I approached this mystery of life. I felt that she guided my spirit though pregnancy. She gave me great bravery to face childbirth with strength and positive energy. I welcomed my baby with infinite love. I am so grateful for Monica for the role she played as a doula. She believe in me and inspired me to believe in myself. Her support helped me to trust in myself and to fully experience the love and light of becoming a new mother.Rebecca
I can’t believe it was one week ago to the hour that my water broke and now I’m sitting here nursing the most beautiful baby boy. K. and I are so grateful that you were with us during my labor. I really can’t imagine what it would have been like if it had just been the two of us. You got me through so much and I really am at peace with the whole turn of events and eventual c section birth. I know I tried my best and gave it everything I had, and sometimes things just happen for a reason. J. is here now and we could not be any happier.Taryn
My husband and I are very grateful for the support Monica gave us in her role as Doula. During my pregnancy, Monica and I met regularly. She explained the birthing process to me and brought me useful books and videos. She showed my exercises to prepare my body for the intensely physical act of delivering a baby. Yet the most important support that Monica gave us was during the birth itself. My labor started in the wee hours of the morning. This did not faze her; she was wide awake and ready. She joined us at our home and then at the hospital. She brought healthy and delicious snacks, which really came in handy during my long labor. She alternated with my husband in the role of masseuse and hip squeezer. We were comforted by her calm presence, and the nurses must have felt that too, because they only checked in with us periodically. I delivered a beautiful little boy and I am so glad I got to share my joy with my husband an my Doula.Lorena
Dearest Monica,
It is difficult to put in words the depth of my gratitude and the great joy I feel for having had you in my life during this special time. If I could paint a picture it would have to be of my heart with thousands of brilliant fireworks bursting in a spectacular show of all the colors of the rainbow. You have been one of the greatest blessings of my life. From the first moment I met you, I felt that you were someone I would like and it felt so comfortable to have you with me. I sensed early on that our meeting was not some random happenstance but truly a heaven sent gift to me. You always knew just what to say to help me see things more clearly, to make me feel valued, to find peace when I was in turmoil. That is such a special gift you have. Often my thoughts and feelings would be so scattered and you would somehow pull everything together and make it clear. There is such pure goodness and compassion at the very core of your being and it shows in the way you value those around you. You are truly a remarkable, loving and beautiful person, who has shown me that the joy you give to others is the joy that comes back to you. You will always have my unconditional support and love, and my deepest gratitude.Reese
You have been so important in my life. You are amazing because your influence is deeper than you realize. The love you radiate expands and encourages every thing and everyone you touch. You are amazing and with each day you are creating more joy for those people with whom you share your wisdom and your life.With deepest gratitude and hearts. Love, Deborah
Thank you for all the wonderful advice and words of wisdom! Your email really put me at ease and reminded me of the big picture. You always know how to help me put things in perspective.Casey
We have only just begun our relationship, but already we share such fine memories. The love you radiate expands and encourages everything and everyone you touch. So happy we found each other!
Dear Monica, we cannot thank you enough for all of your help, guidance, support, kindness and knowledge during this exciting time. Not sure we could have done it without you! You are amazing at what you do!! Much love,
Kiley & Nick
Thank you so much! You are very dear to my heart. I’m so grateful for the work/practice we did together… you really fed my heart, body and soul.Kelli
I am writing this review with complete honesty, to give you a glimpse of my home birth experience with Monica by my side as my Doula and Prenatal Yoga Instructor. As a yoga instructor Monica taught with so much love and confidence in us that her class was something I always looked forward to. She reminded as that pregnancy is about reaching out that inner strength that we carry as women for that moment of birth. Monica is a beautiful person inside and out, she carries a strength that all women need in there life at the moment of labor. She is educated and has a lot of experience as a doula, she has the patience to teach and answer all your questions. A doula is a person who is there for you emotionally and physically during labor, I can say that Monica made my experience beautiful and she believed in me every step of the way. I call her my “partner in pain.” My spouse and I, are very thankful for having Monica by our side through this experience. She deserves 10 stars!!!Theresa
Monica is simply amazing!!! with a rather challenging natural birth with my daughter I don’t think I could have done it without Monica! My husband and her made the perfect birthing team right by my side. Monica is loving, knowledgeable and gentle but also kick ass and will give you that extra push when you may feel like giving up. This is her calling. I couldn’t have asked for a better person by my side. She made it a very special experience. And even though I did not know her prior after this it felt like someone I’ve known my whole life was there every step of the way to support me. Get you some Monica Kadash! 🙂Gia
I loved Monica’s prenatal yoga class (went weekly while pregnant) and was so happy that she was there as our doula on the big day. Monica’s warm personality, lighthearted sense of humor, calm demeanor, and wealth of knowledge is super helpful and supportive.Kiley